East Devon Cosy Mysteries

Have you ever wanted to move a little further away from the abrasive clamour of the ever intrusive rat race?

Would you still like to stay within shouting distance of such civilised pastimes as theatres, arts and crafts, pubs and restaurants, yet immerse yourself in outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and seasports?

East Devon may be just what you’ve been looking for.

It was exactly what Frank and Ella Raleigh desired. Taking early retirement from the babbling helter-skelter of modern education, they were anticipating playing their part in a more relaxed village community. Invigorating walks along the Coast Path, informative talks in the village hall, quaint local theatrical productions, cosy long lunches in freshly discovered country pubs. It was going to be the stuff of dreams.

Until someone wrote a badly worded address on a misdirected package…..

In the East Devon Cosy Mysteries series of books, Frank and Ella Raleigh are retired teachers hoping for the gentle, easy life in East Devon. In the first book in the series, a misdirected package starts them on a quest to find a murderer.

The first in the series, Cidered in Sidmouth, is now available on the Kindle and in paperback.

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The second book in the East Devon Cosy Mystery series is now available on Amazon Kindle and paperback.

Frank and Ella are back for another East Devon cosy mystery.

“Dudley’s out to get me!”

The note sent to Anthony Buckerell read “In the seventh hour of the night on the seventh day of the year you will die.”

At 7.59, surrounded by police in a windowless locked cell, he did.

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The third book in East Devon Cosy Mystery series is also available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback.

“The company I’ve built from nothing, Kennaway Coopers…well, I’m giving it away to the winner of the Ottery Lottery!”

Caleb Kennaway’s family and the other board members violently disagreed with his decision. A month later, Caleb Kennaway was found dead at the foot of the main stairs in Kennaway Court.

The third book in the East Devon Cosy Mystery series finds Frank and Ella buying a ticket in the Ottery Lottery. This leads them into an opportunity to investigate Caleb’s death and also a hunt for a miniature beer barrel that will change their lives.

Ottery Lottery Front Cover (2)


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Six Walks in and Around Sidmouth : Frank and Ella Raleigh have always enjoyed walking -even more so, since retiring to this beautiful part of the country. Thankfully, East Devon is full of scenic walks.
Here are six local walks in and around Sidmouth, some of which make an appearance in Cidered in Sidmouth and The Dudleys of Budleigh books.