Third and Final Draft

The first book in the East Devon Cosy Mysteries series is going through its third and final draft at the moment. I’m aiming to have it in the Kindle Store in early May.

I wanted to prove to myself that I could write a book without spending a fortune. I set myself a target to produce these books on a manageable budget but to do things as professionally as possible. Self-publishing is definitely the best way for me to achieve that target.

A self-published author has to do almost everything himself. It’s not just the writing of the book. It’s compiling the book, designing the book cover, setting up social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, producing the website design using WordPress, uploading and promoting the book. Do I just publish it on Kindle as an ebook or get copies printed to sell as a paperback? What about audiobooks? It’s a busy life being a budding novelist.

I use the excellent Scrivener software to write the books, the Serif range of software to design the covers and promotional material and WordPress and GoDaddy to put the website together as well as a few iPad apps to enhance some of the graphics. I’ve taken all the photos and videos on the website. In future posts, I’ll go into greater detail about the resources I use.

As an incentive to sign up for my monthly newsletter, I’m putting together a series of walks in the Sidmouth area that Frank and Ella would enjoy. Indeed, they’ve already walked most of them.

Right, it’s back to the final draft!