It’s published!

It’s taken a while longer than I hoped, but Cidered in Sidmouth is now a Kindle book and available from Amazon. Having sorted out all the spelling mistakes, the style of the rhythm of the writing and the occasional plot malfunction, it was very easy to publish the book with the Kindle platform.

The cover went through many changes before it served the book as it should. The very early covers used the barrel but on Sidmouth beach. Then I went all symbolic with the grass, the cliffs, and the sea! The next covers featured the cider barrel, but I felt it all looked too amateurish, so I searched for a better idea. Lots of cosy mystery books have photos of the location as their covers. I used a photo of the Sidmouth coastline near Jacob’s Ladder to create a spooky, mysterious scene. But that was too spooky and didn’t fit in with the cosy mystery genre. So I changed the photo to colour and made it look like a painting. I found some┬ámore appropriate grown-up fonts and using my basic graphic design skills moulded the final cover into shape.

I’m pleased with how it’s turned out. Of course, the proof will be – does it help to sell the book?

The next book in the series, The Dudleys of Budleigh, is well underway and should be slightly longer. I’m aiming for 40,000 words!

Now I’m trying to up my marketing skills using Pinterest and Facebook in particular. I’ll be sending details and digital copies of the book to the local paper, the South West Coast Path and our local church!!