The Ottery Lottery is the third book in the East Devon Cosy Mysteries series. It is available on Kindle and in paperback. “The company I’ve built from nothing, Kennaway Coopers? Well, I’m giving it away to the winner of the Ottery Lottery!”
Caleb Kennaway’s family and the other board members violently disagreed with his decision. A month later, Caleb Kennaway was found dead at the foot of the main stairs in Kennaway Court.
This book finds Frank and Ella buying a ticket in the Ottery Lottery. This leads them into an opportunity to investigate Caleb’s death and also a hunt for a miniature beer barrel that will change their lives.
When you read The Ottery Lottery, you’ll walk in pixies’ footsteps, stumble into a tumbling weir, and discover granite poetry. Coupled with a plane crash and a Ptolemaic clock, there’s a chance to reconnect with characters from Frank and Ella’s recent past.
Join Frank and Ella as they seek to unmask the murderer of the man who ran the Ottery Lottery.

The Dudleys of Budleigh, the second book in the East Devon Cosy Mysteries series, is now available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback.

The Dudleys of Budleigh front cover

Dudley’s out to get me!

Frank and Ella are back for another East Devon cosy mystery.

The note sent to Anthony Buckerell read “In the seventh hour of the night on the seventh day of the year you will die.”

At 7.59, surrounded by police in a windowless locked cell, he did.

How? Ask Dudley.

Ella finds herself reluctantly continuing her role as part of this delightful detective duo as they delve into the lives of their suspects-each one named Dudley.

If you enjoy cosy mysteries set in the glorious English countryside, then join Frank and Ella on an easy to read discovery of the East Devon seaside town of Budleigh Salterton, as they seek to find the murderer amongst the Dudleys of Budleigh.

Amongst the pages of The Dudleys of Budleigh, you’ll experience coastal walks, exotic plants, kidnapping, a theatrical denouement and a whole lot more as Frank and Ella uncover the less convivial parts of a gentle seaside town.

Cidered in Sidmouth, the first book in the East Devon Cosy Mysteries series is now available to buy in paperback or on Kindle from Amazon. They say in cosy mysteries, always commit the murder as soon as possible. Well, here’s Chapter One of Cidered in Sidmouth

Chapter 1

You’ve ruined everything. How dare you think you can get away with it.

The vase was within reach. Picking it up in anger with no thought for the consequences, it was a simple and automatic action to crash it down on his head. He stumbled backwards, ricocheted off the single armchair in the room and fell head first on the stone floor.

There was silence. Not even a moan.

I’ve killed him.

Now that’s the shortest chapter in the whole book. Obviously, you want to read more!

Chapter 2 starts off with a walk in the woods – the Harpford Woods Railway Walk as described in the free walks booklet. The booklet is available if you sign up for the newsletter. A misdirected parcel leads to Frank and Ella to a house in Sidmouth, an open front door and a tragic sight in the back courtyard. The chapter ends:

Frank casually walked into the front room. Ella looked around to see if anyone nearby was watching them and then quickly followed.

The room was dark, sparsely furnished and extremely unkempt. A stone floor, a single battered old sea blue armchair and a couple of stacked wooden chairs. No television, the remains of a coal fire in a dirty grate. The curtains were half open but the windows were opaque with smudges of dirt.

On the mantelpiece was a photo of a man and a woman, smiling lovingly at each other.

Getting accustomed to the lack of light, they could both see more of the rest of the room. It looked like someone had been having a severe disagreement. A coffee table was overturned and magazines and newspapers were scattered on a threadbare rug. Two cushions from the armchair were also on the stone floor by the fireplace. Ella bent to pick one of them up and immediately jumped back with a startled “Oh!”

“Frank, come here. This looks like blood on the floor. Here, by the fireplace.”

Frank had just opened the door leading to a back room which appeared to be a kitchen. He turned back towards Ella to examine the patch. Moving the other cushion, he let out a similar cry.

“That certainly looks like blood. Put the cushions back, exactly where you found them. Let’s check out the rest of the house.”

Ella hastily replaced the cushions and stepped around the scattered papers and followed Frank into the kitchen. From here, they could see a sight they would take them a very long time to forget.

“Ella, have you got your phone with you?”

The back door was open and, in full view, on the right-hand side of the tiny paved and gravelled courtyard stood a huge wooden Cider Vat. It was quite the largest barrel that either had ever seen. Sticking out from the top of the vat were two bare legs stiff with rigor mortis.

If you want to know more, then I suggest you go and buy the ebook. It’s called Cidered in Sidmouth. It’s not the longest book ever written but within its 100 pages, it introduces you to the world of Frank and Ella Raleigh in the first book in the East Devon Cosy Mystery Series.