The Ottery Lottery

After a few weeks of revision and redrafting the Ottery Lottery is published. I’ve had a fun time finding out about the town of Ottery St Mary and its long and glorious history. Without writing the book, I would never have found out about the Misericords or the Pixies Parlour. And as for Coleridge’s granite stones, well that was a joy to discover as well.

I’ve planted a few in-jokes into the text. The pilot of the original airplane crash gets a mention as do a few local villages. Search amongst the gravestones in the churchyard and you’ll find a rich choice of local surnames!

As usual, the walk is there to be discovered. I know, it’s not on the South West Coast Path but then neither is Ottery St Mary!

The snippets of local history dotted throughout the book are based on true events. Any historical errors are mine and mine alone!

The artwork and book design is all down to me. I took all the photographs and used photoshop and a great little app called Prisma to assist me with the sketches.

The quotes at the beginning of each chapter are from the poems of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Hope you enjoy the book. It’s my longest one yet!

On to number four – the Siege of Lyme Regis.